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Jeet Medical & Mindray Animal Medical Support United Pet Knowledge Endoscopy Specialist Training

Jeet Medical & Mindray Animal Medical Support United Pet Knowledge Endoscopy Specialist Training

May 22,2024
From May 14th to 16th, the three-day specialized training in veterinary endoscopy successfully concluded in Shenzhen. Organized by United Pet Medical Pet Knowledge Education, the training aimed to strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration and continuously cultivate specialized endoscopy medical talents, thereby enhancing the overall level of the united medical system.
United Pet Knowledge Endoscopy Specialist Training-1
United Pet Medical Pet Knowledge Education in Shenzhen invited Professor He Zhimin, the leader of the United Endoscopy Minimally Invasive Specialty Group, and collaborated with the professional team from Jeet Medical to provide state-of-the-art endoscopy equipment and technical support, ensuring comprehensive and in-depth training for every participant.
During the training, Professor He Zhimin utilized his extensive knowledge and clinical experience to deliver detailed explanations and demonstrations. In the practical sessions, he personally guided the participants, honing their skills and ensuring each trainee mastered the basic principles and clinical applications of both flexible and rigid endoscopes. The training course was rich in content and diverse in format, effectively combining theory and practice.
United Pet Knowledge Endoscopy Specialist Training-2
United Pet Knowledge Endoscopy Specialist Training-3
United Pet Knowledge Endoscopy Specialist Training-4
Notably, directors and veterinarians from Hong Kong Pet Hospital and Anhui Pet Hospital also participated. Jeet Medical's endoscopes, known for their precise 360° articulation, flexible and convenient operation, clear and intuitive imaging, strong adaptability, and high compatibility, provided veterinarians with a comprehensive, clear, and bright surgical field and a safe and stable surgical environment.
United Pet Knowledge Endoscopy Specialist Training-5
These features greatly facilitated smooth surgeries, earning unanimous recognition and praise from the attending veterinarians. Endoscopy, as a crucial tool in modern veterinary medicine, plays an increasingly significant role in improving animal welfare and enhancing diagnostic and therapeutic efficiency.
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After three days of intensive training, the participants successfully completed the course assessments and graduated. This training not only provided a platform for learning and exchange for veterinarians but also promoted the in-depth exploration and development of minimally invasive endoscopic surgery technology in the veterinary field. Jeet Medical will continue to delve deeply into the veterinary medical field, contributing further to the advancement of veterinary surgical technology.

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