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JeetVet Training Center provides operational training for various animal endoscopy inspection projects for partners and users, allowing partners to serve end users more professionally and efficiently, and ensuring that JeetVet users are more proficient in mastering the operating specifications of JeetVet veterinary endoscopes and related products. 
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The primary goal of JeetVet Training Center is to provide specialized training that empowers distributors and veterinarians with in-depth knowledge of our veterinary endoscopes and associated technologies. 

Our training sessions are conducted by experienced professionals who are experts in the field of veterinary endoscopy. They bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience, ensuring that each participant receives high-quality instruction tailored to their needs.

We believe that professional and skilled endoscopy inspections can help pets relieve pain, and help veterinarians formulate more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.
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Therefore, we call on our partners to pay attention to the learning of professional skills and call on our users to pay full attention to JeetVet's training videos and related learning course notifications. We will formulate special training support based on market feedback and needs to maximize support for loyal users.

Through our training programs, many distributors and veterinarians have gained a deeper understanding of veterinary endoscopes and related products. This knowledge translates into improved diagnostic accuracy, enhanced treatment outcomes, and increased confidence in handling complex cases. By integrating these advanced tools into their practices, our trainees are better equipped to provide exceptional care to their animal patients.
Veterinary Endoscopy Training
JeetVet 7-in-1 Endoscopy Working Station
7-in-1 Endoscopy Working Station is a real all-rounder.
1.Water & air supply and suction pump
2.Taking photos and videos
3.3.5”high-definition display
4.HDMI output
5.Support USB endoscopes 160,000 pixels/720P/1080P
6.WIFI output supports IOS/Android
7.Support low-cost disposable flexible endoscopes
Connecting RAE-109 Veterinary Endoscope with 7-in-1 Endoscopy Working Station
7-in-1 Endoscopy Working Station is a real all-rounder.
1. Water & air supply and suction pump
2. Taking photos and videos
3. 3.5”high-definition display
4. HDMI output
5. Support USB endoscopes 160,000 pixels/720P/1080P
6. WIFI output supports IOS/Android
7. Support low-cost disposable flexible endoscopes
Instructional Video of RAE 109 Animal Gastrointestinal Endoscope
Portable Animal Gastrointestinal Endoscope is suitable for lung lavage, foreign body removal, respiratory endoscopy, biopsy and minimally invasive surgery and examining stomach and duodenum of animals.
Instructional Video of RAE-105 Portable Veterinary Endoscope
Portable Veterinary Endoscope, very light, quite easy for use. Just connect your mobile phone, then you can do examinations for pets. Foreign body removal, respiratory endoscopy, biopsy and minimally invasive surgery and etc.
Instructional Video of RAE-109 Veterinary Gastroscope
JeetVet Portable Veterinary Gastroscope is a high-performance endoscopic device designed for veterinary use to meet the needs of animal gastrointestinal examinations. With its portability, high-definition imaging and easy operation, the device has become an important tool for veterinary clinical examination and treatment.